They traveled in circles and grazed. When the shadows of the poplars tilt my pond, I climbed onto a Willow and quietly told the carps something.


Jokes about blonde fisherwomen

Yes, really. The only catch is that it costs ninety-nine squid. Fishing and drinking - or is it fishing and art? Do not ask me why, but for this you get a copy signed by the author. If you are a Schwab fan, you probably own it.


Country Life , David Profumfo

If I’d a coin for every time some cynic had asked me to define the allure of angling, I could have afforded a Porsche Cayenne Turbo and a pipe of port.

Trout & Salmon, Eddie Young

Don’t be put off by the title. To the suspicious among us, it’s reminiscent of Nigel Molesworth’s Fotherington-Thomas („Hello sun, hello …)

"Daily Telegraph", Charles Clover

Do fish feel pain? According to one lot of scientists, they do. Others say fish don’t have big enough brains to feel anything like pain as we understand it.

Waterlog Magazine, A. Herd

I will hold my hand up here and admit that I am biased. I have always enjoyed everything Alexander Schwab has written and this book is no exception.