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Hook, Line and Thinker
Angling and Ethics

Anglers feel instinctively that their sport is not cruel. This book explains why their instincts are right - and exposes the confused philosophy of their accusers.'The anti-fieldsports lobby has led the debate on hunting, fishing and shooting for the last decade. Hook, Line and Thinker is a book which turns the tables on the 'antis' and takes a fresh look at the assumptions which many now accept as facts. Here is a book which tackles all the key issues from the philosophical viewpoint. It examines the ethics of the anti-fieldsports lobby and takes their arguments back to their roots.

The conclusions expose the precarious philosophical ground of the anti-fieldsports lobby. It is they who should be on the run. Hook, Line and Thinker is published by Merlin Unwin Books. The reviews speak for themselves. Read the reviews here. Order directly from the publisher here.